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Σημειωματάριο Donkey Kong Τρισδιάστατο Lenticular Notebook


Τετράδιο με 3D εξώφυλλο Donkey Kong

Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες


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Jot down your strategy for rescuing Princess Peach in this fabulous Donkey Kong Lenticular Notebook. This hardback notebook has a lenticular cover which changes as you move it, making it seem animated. With 200 lined pages, the Donkey Kong Lenticular Notebook is a great place to plan your next gaming adventure, or simply just to make notes and memos. The cover features the instantly recognisable Donkey Kong arcade game, with Kong himself at the top, along with the princess and a number of rolling barrels hurtling down the obstacle course. The Donkey Kong Lenticular Notebook really is the perfect gift for organised gamers, and fans of the Super Mario Franchise.

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